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Marine Insurance

What is Marine Insurance?

This policy covers loss or damage to cargo while in transit from one point to another. Cover can be arranged from point of origin to final destination. Point of attachment of cover is based on the sale terms.

What risks are covered?

  • Different types of covers are available, from all Risks to basic cover including War & Strike Risks.
  • Institute cargo clauses are attached to Marine Cargo Insurance Policies and these clauses are to specify the extent of cover given under Marine Takaful.

Sea Cargo

  • All Risks- Institute Cargo Clauses “A”
  • Restricted Cover- Institute Cargo Clauses “B”
  • Very Restricted Cover (Basic Cover)- Institute Cargo Clauses “C”

Air Cargo

  • All Risks- Institute Cargo Clauses (Air)
  • Basic Cover- Total Loss Only Cover

Land Transit

  • Inland Transits (Rail/Road) -All Risks
  • Inland Transits (Rail/Road) -Basic Cover

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