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Pleasure Craft Insurance

Sailing is a recreational pleasure! The blue waters attract the sailors for an adventurous voyage but the perils of the sea remains a potential risk to your yacht or you. Our Pleasure Craft insurance is made for you to enjoy the freedom of leisure activity and leave the risks of dealing with unforeseen risks and accidents to Al Madina Takaful.

What risks are covered

Loss or damage arising out of the below listed perils to hull and machinery, materials, equipment and everything connected therewith; including dinghy and outboard motor.

  • Perils of the seas, rivers, lakes or other navigable waters
  • Fire
  • Jettison
  • Piracy
  • Contact with dock or harbour equipment or installation, land conveyance, Impact by aircraft or similar objects
  • Earthquake, Volcanic eruption or Lightning
  • Accidents in loading, discharging or moving stores, gear, equipment, machinery or fuel
  • Explosions
  • Malicious Acts and Theft of the entire vessel
  • Latent Defects and Negligence
  • Expenses for sighting of bottom after a stranding
  • Third party Liability

and extensions such as machinery damage extension, damage to vessel whilst in transit by road, personal effects, personal accident cover for crew and passengers, water skiers liability at additional premium.


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