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Domestic Helper Insurance

Why do I need to cover my domestic staff?

It is the responsibility of the Sponsor to take care of the health and wellbeing of the domestic maid working under him. This plan covers the life of the maid against death and disability arising through illness and accident as well as the accidental medical expenses incurred in Oman. It also covers the cost of transporting the mortal remains to the country of Origin, in case of Death.

For a contribution amount Al Madina Takaful assures full protection for your maid against large medical expenses which otherwise has to be borne by you

What risks are covered?

  • Coverage against Death, Permanent Total or Partial Disability.
  • Medical Expenses for treatment of any accidental injury.
  • Repatriation expenses in the event of death.
  • Critical Illness Cover

Who can be covered?

  • Maid
  • Cook
  • Nanny
  • Gardener
  • Security Guard
  • Care Taker
  • Personal Driver

Eligibility :
*** Person who are under sponsorship of an individual & not any company or organization

What is not covered?

  • The main exclusion is any pre existing illness or infirmity.
  • For full exclusions & terms and conditions please refer to our policy document

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