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Al Madina Profile

The company was founded as Al Madina Gulf Insurance Company SAOC, in 2006. With the historic introduction of Islamic Financial Services in Oman, Al Madina converted to Takaful Insurance Company on January 1, 2014 with registered name of Al Madina Insurance Company SAOG

The Company’s trade name ‘Al Madina Takaful’ symbolises a vision of harmony with its stakeholders.

Al Madina Takaful is among the top 5 insurance companies in Oman and is listed on the Muscat Stock Exchange (MSX). The Company is strongly capitalised, well above the regulatory minimum capital requirement.

Al Madina Takaful distinguishes itself by providing solutions appropriate to the needs of policyholders, superior customer experience, and being empathic to claimants during their hour of need.


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