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Al Madina Takaful honours Omani youth for act of courage for saving two children stuck in a wadi

Al Madina Takaful, Oman’s first Takaful insurance provider, honoured Ali bin Nasser Al Wardi for his act of courage when he saved two drowning children from a flash flood in Wadi Bahla recently. A video, available on social media platforms, shows the valiant rescue act and the risk Ali bin Nasser Al Wardi took to rescue the children.

Mr. Usama Al Barwani, CEO of Al Madina Takaful said, “The remarkable courage demonstrated by Ali bin Nasser Al Wardi was selfless and extraordinary. He has our deepest respect for his action of saving two boys in circumstances of extreme danger with disregard for his own personal safety. Ali bin Nasser Al Wardi jumped in the fast-flowing wadi to rescue the two children who were literally being dragged by the force of the water. Ali’s father and other citizens who had gathered assisted Ali to come to the shore with the rescued children.”

Al Madina Takaful is pleased to recognise this act of courage and selfless deed which also meant that Ali bin Nasser Al Wardi served fellow countrymen and society at large. In line with the philosophy of helping society and people, Al Madina Takaful has recently adopted a Human Social Responsibility (HSR) strategy which embraces the idea that people and the community are at the centre of every organisation.


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