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AMI Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives.

At Al Madina, CSR initiatives is to consistently strive for general well-being of communities. Al Madina continues to support initiatives from Non-Governmental Organizations and institutions.

Al Madina Takaful launches an innovative initiative to support the work-life balance for female employees


In a forward-looking step towards enhancing a healthy balance between work and life, Al Madina Takaful, the leading Takaful insurance company in the Sultanate of Oman, has announced the implementation of a pilot initiative starting from June 1, 2023. This initiative aims to support female employees facing challenges in balancing work commitments and personal responsibilities, especially concerning their families and children. As part of the new experimental adjustment to working hours, specific categories of female employees will be eligible for flexible work arrangements. The initiative specifically targets breastfeeding women, pregnant women in the last months of pregnancy, and mothers with children under the age of six. To promote well-being, positivity, and productivity for female employees, Al Madina Takaful provides a flexible work environment for working mothers. This stems from the company's recognition of the importance of supporting women during critical stages of motherhood and its awareness that an empowering work environment contributes to overall success and employee satisfaction.

Empowering CSR With An HSR Workshop For Expatriate Employees


Al Madina Takaful showcases its commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) through a Human Social Responsibility (HSR) workshop for expatriate employees. The event, featuring guest speakers and our CEO, emphasized the collective and personal contributions individuals can make to CSR initiatives. Al Madina Takaful's strong track record in supporting diverse social causes, coupled with an interactive game inspired by the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, reinforces our commitment to fostering a socially responsible culture. The workshop's focus on HSR underscores our dedication to creating a positive work environment and attracting socially responsible customers. CEO Usama Al Barwani aptly stated, “We believe that every employee can contribute to our local community.” This initiative exemplifies our unwavering commitment to enhancing corporate citizenship within our organization and the broader community.

Pioneering CSR And Sustainability Initiatives In Oman’s Business Landscape


Al Madina Takaful holds a steadfast commitment to sustainability, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards. In response to the evolving business landscape, the company recognizes sustainability as integral to success and growth. To empower employees with knowledge of sustainability, ESG standards, and social responsibility, Al Madina Takaful actively engaged in workshops and training courses during June and July ‘23. This dedication begins with employees at the basic level and extends to top management, enhancing the effectiveness of incorporating these principles into business plans. The company's Human Social Responsibility (HSR) workshop for Omanis focused on 'materiality assessment for CSR programs,' highlighting their commitment to setting benchmarks and ensuring meaningful impact. By prioritizing crucial ESG issues and engaging stakeholders, Al Madina Takaful distinguishes itself as a leader in CSR, fostering a culture of sustainability and social responsibility that sets a benchmark for others in the industry

Al Madina Takaful honours Omani youth for act of courage for saving two children stuck in a wadi


Madina Takaful recognized Ali bin Nasser Al Wardi for his courageous rescue of two drowning children from a recent flash flood in Wadi Bahla. A video circulating on social media highlights the valiant act by Ali bin Nasser Al Wardi.

Mr. Usama Al Barwani, CEO of Al Madina Takaful, expressed, “The remarkable courage demonstrated by Ali bin Nasser Al Wardi was selfless and extraordinary. He has our deepest respect for his action of saving two boys in circumstances of extreme danger with disregard for his safety. Ali bin Nasser Al Wardi jumped in the fast-flowing wadi to rescue the children who were being dragged by the water. Ali's father and other citizens who had gathered assisted Ali to come to the shore with the rescued children.

Al Madina Takaful applauds Ali bin Nasser Al Wardi's courageous and selfless act, showcasing his dedication to fellow countrymen and society at large. This aligns with our commitment to social responsibility, as reflected in our recent adoption of a Human Social Responsibility (HSR) strategy, which places people and the community at the core of our organization.

Al Madina Takaful launches HSR initiative for children with Down Syndrome

Based on the concept of Human Social Responsibility (HSR) and with an aim of creating inclusive opportunities for children with Down Syndrome, Al Madina Takaful, Oman’s first Takaful insurance provider, has teamed up with Dorat Al Khaleej Private School to launch a special Human Social Responsibility (HSR) initiative.

A well-known pioneering educational institution in Oman, Dorat Al Khaleej Private School has a dedicated programme for special needs. The programme is designed to meet the needs of special students. The curriculum has been set in parallel with the objectives of subjects across the different educational stages with consideration to the needs and difficulties the student possesses.

The Al Madina Takaful HSR initiative called ‘Walitasnae Ealaa Eaynay’ aims to support children with Down Syndrome. 25 children from Dorat Al Khaleej Private School between the age of seven and 14 with Down Syndrome will be supported through this activity. A group of employees will be responsible for supporting these children throughout the year of 2022 as their guide/mentor.

Commenting on the initiative, Mr. Usama Al Barwani, CEO of Al Madina Takaful said, “We at Al Madina Takaful are very passionate about creating an ecosystem which is inclusive in nature and aligns to our values. Giving back to the society has always been an important part of the overall ethos at our company. This initiative is an opportunity for us to empower those who have special needs and will definitely motivate the larger community to recognise the importance of including them in the mainstream.”

He added, “At Al Madina Takaful we believe inclusion of people with Down Syndrome should be reflected in the ethos of the society and backed by a consistent policy of inclusion in our daily lives. I would like to commend the work being done by Dorat Al Khaleej Private School which offers support to children and families as they navigate the challenges of understanding and coping with Down Syndrome.”

Usama Al Barwani and employees of Al Madina Takaful visited the school and engaged with children on the occasion of World Down Syndrome Day on 21st of March 2022.

Al Madina Takaful has been at the forefront when it comes to supporting corporate social responsibility initiatives. In supporting its communities, the company continues to contribute to key initiatives under education, special needs, charity, health, and welfare platforms.

Al Madina extends it support to Al Rahma Association for Motherhood and Child Welfare


In the spirit of the Holy month of Ramdhan and our commitment to the belief of giving back to the community in various ways. Al Madina extends it support to Al Rahma Association for Motherhood and Child Welfare.


Al Rahma Association continues to help the less fortunate families across all governorates of the Sultanate providing them with the necessary financial and non –financial support.

Al Madina Insurance (Takaful’s)CSR Initiative Shares In The Qiba Campaign


Al Madina insurance (Takaful’s) CSR initiative was initiated from the belief of social responsibility and community service. The company enabled five individuals to perform the rituals of Hajj by sponsoring their travel and cost of stay. Mr. Aziz Al-Jabri and Abdul Aziz Al-Wahabi represented the company in handing over this opportunity to the selected pilgrims who were unable to bear the cost of performing the rituals, in coordination with the Qiba campaign for Umrah and Hajj, Mr. Khalifa Al-Hadi.


One of the advantages of this kind of initiative is instilling a sense of generosity in the hearts of employees and the community. The coordinator of Qiba Campaign thanked Al Madina insurance (Takaful) Company for this beautiful gesture.

Al Madina Takaful’s donates equipment to the Oman Association for Disabled


Voluntary work is one of the most important concepts in society these days, and it has become very popular. Volunteerism is considered as a basic foundation for the development of societies and it enables people to come together as one. It is considered as an act of goodness and contributes towards good deeds in all societies, serving for the betterment of mankind.

Committed to this belief, Al Madina Takaful has been constantly seeking ways to serve the community through its various CSR initiatives. One such initiative was to provide equipment for the Oman Association for Disabled. The equipment for the special needs individuals will help them move about freely and enable the association to carry out its work with more support. The equipment was handed over in the presence of representatives from both organizations.

This initiative has helped build a positive impact and contributed towards strengthening the community. The association represented by Mohammed Al Kalbani expressed their gratitude to Al Madina Takaful for this goodwill gesture.

Hoping that Allah will help us in helping the society

Oman Bowling Team – April 2018


Al Madina Takaful extended its support with Travel Insurance for all members of the team.

Al Madina Takaful provided the Oman Bowling Team with free Travel insurance. This is part of Al Madina Takaful’s CSR initiatives to help and support various activities in the community. Bowling as a sport has gained popularity in Oman over the years and the teams need to travel to various countries to participate in tournaments.

Oman Association of the Elderly Friends – October 2017


Al Madina Takaful extended its support by sponsoring the insurance fee for their bus.

The Oman Association of the Elderly friends, was established in 2013 and is based in the Al Sharqiyah North Governorate. The association provides care and support to elder members of the society through various initiatives.

Opal & Dar Al Atta Charity – May 2017


Sponsored the insurance of the Mobile Library Bus

In association with Opal and Dar Al Atta’a Al Madina Takaful contributed towards building stronger communities by sponsoring the insurance for bus which serves as a Mobile Library, enabling school children to develop the habit of reading.

Recognizing an act of courage and saving children – November 2016


Sponsored Motor and Life insurance policies for Mr. Mohammed Al Hashmi

Al Madina Takaful, facilitated Mr. Mohammed Hashmi a 43 year old father of five children, who rescued two children from a burning car at a fuel station, saving their lives. Al Madina further sponsored Motor and Life insurance for Mr. Mohammed for his extraordinary act of bravery.


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